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#19990 - The week passed and Tom and Louise went off to get the films, back home Janet was just on her way out, “Don’t stay up to late tonight, you have a dental appointment at 9” “I know mom, bye” They had a normal night and Tom had his shower, as he dried he saw the familiar face in the picture, this night he thought he would show her an erect cock, he had been rubbing it gently and it was standing proud, again he acted out the drying of his hair and turned, he moved the towel a little so he could see Louise, she sat on the stairs, frozen and eyes wide open, turning back around he smiled to himself. Over the next few weeks she became an expert cock sucker and she had him coming two or three times. Tom knelt between her legs and dropped his mouth back to her pussy, as he worked on her clit she cried out “Oh my God daddy” her legs opened as wide as she could get them, as she began to squirm on the bed she moaned “Eat me daddy, eat me“.

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Sumire hara
Hmm deep inside
Senkan seiki
These people are uglier than slapping your mama
Kohran li
Glad you enjoyed me hun