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#86008 - Steve and I held him firm tightening our grip to help it go in. Over the last few months Jan had got even kinkier, playing with us ever chance she got and using our big 12 inch dildo in her ass too, seeing as it is 3 inches across, she now takes it easy, and wants to try bigger still, Joy and myself had fisted her to many orgasm’s and she took a fist in both holes with no problems now, at one time I had the 12 inch in her ass, and the 10 inch in her pussy with Joy helping me push them both in, her sexual appetite was huge, if her husband even got his cock in her now, he would wonder what the hell had happened. We could see Jan’s body extend as he shot her bowels full, Jan even gagged some, his cock was a good 18 inches up inside her and his cum was holding firm, then it had to happen, his cock shot out, at least a gallon of cum shot over us all, he snorted and reared up in delight.

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Sanya v. litvyak
Oh my she took it so well lucky guy he is