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#67727 - I whistled and waved to them, all three turned and giggled their tits, boy I kind of hoped a car did come along and see the girls, would cause a stir for sure. Al walked over to join in, I bent over and told him to fill my ass with his piss, as he did I turned and sprayed the girls with it, he finished his bladder load over them, by now all the guys who wanted to had finished and were getting dressed, the girls told them we had decided to stay another day, so they were welcome back, cheers all round as they kissed and cuddled the girls good night. I told them it was another one of our kinks, Gretchen said each to their own, but Sue surprised us all, sitting next to Lyn kissing her as other guys took their turn peeing over them both, even Rick took a turn, aiming for Sue & Lyn's boobs, Lyn took some in her mouth then kissed Sue sharing his piss.

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Coulda just unzipped it
Gundham tanaka
Such a nice hentai whith the censored version of the song is big turnoff