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#160286 - My arms where tied behind my back and my legs tied together, there was a rope around my waist that was then tied around my knees so it held me scrunched up in a ball, I realised for the first in a long time I wasn’t naked, I could feel an expensive lace bra and panties on and some kind of lace up, I was in expensive lingerie, a present from Mrs K no doubt, trying to keep me pretty as ever. I fell to the floor crying, I was in such ecstasy and pain at the same time, I didn’t even care about the opposite building anymore, I accidentally touched the front vibrator again and it grew in size once more, now so huge it parted my legs a little, giving me another huge orgasm, I was screaming at the top of my voice, it felt so damn good. I realised his hands where cupping my breasts quite gently, he was forced to do so, and I could feel my nipples where hard and my clit was becoming very sensitive to Lee’s strokes.

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Yu miaoyi
Hell yes she would make good earnings i would think
Houki shinonono
I love the way you make her titties jiggle