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#137455 - I awoke on the couch with Adam snuggled on top of me, I was a bit groggy from the sex last night, but I was a virgin that was too be expected. ” She said “Ok I said” With a devilish grin that was appearing on my face, I scurried upstairs with imminent glee. “Uhh, oh god fuck me faster!” Said Adam I sped up “Uhh, oh god fuck me harder!” Said Adam followed by a loud moan I started to pound into him I pulled him towards me and kissed him, our tongues met and our orgasms blossomed as both of us moaned our throes of passion.

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He splattered her
Mata hari
Came to jerk off but was pleasantly surprised when i saw not only a stick shift but a woman driving it i only know two women in my life who can drive stick and they are my mom and grandma
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This hentai is hot