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#276220 - Instead of just quitting and losing the time and materials I already invested, or completing the enchantment and bonding the focus to myself, which would pretty much be a waste of karma as I have no need or experience in wielding a monowhip, I posted an ad on the matrix proclaiming the benefits for a purchaser of the work in progress,” Harry explained. Rev could barely stand upright and walk with all the weight of the armor and weapons he was wearing. Harry called for the spirit to join Rev and the man.

Read First Time Osananajimi to Bukiyou Megane Amatuer Osananajimi to Bukiyou Megane

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Vivio takamachi
Blowjob queen
Kinjirou sakamachi
The fact that she looks like my grandma makes it 100 times better
Otaru mamiya
The absolute best