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#145976 - We got to the caravan in the afternoon the place was lovely and Trudy declared the double bed was hers and mine pointing out Sally was in the room with single beds which l had to push together because of my sister’s size, she was now over 19st but still nimble in bed. The meal wasn’t much but everyone enjoyed it, Trudy told my sister Sally she could do the dishes because Trudy prepared the dinner, Sally said she will do it in the morning, Trudy didn’t answer she got up went to the bedroom and came back with a thin belt and ordered Sally to bend over, Sally glanced at me as if to ask if she had to do as Trudy ordered then leant over the bench seat and Trudy whacked her hard with the belt across they arse and repeated ‘wash the dishes’ then gave Sally one more whack with the belt. I took Hilary back to our room and once she was inside l don’t know what come over me, but l backhanded her across the face yelling ‘l told her to swallow’ then ordered her to get dressed because l was taking

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