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#133472 - no noise …no vision…. The man held her nose tight, and when she gasped for air, he quickly Stuffed the ring behind teeth, forcing her jaw wide open, ready to be abused and defiled as they saw fit The last man to come forth was the least threatening of all , he carried a very large bucket , the contents within sloshing gently at the brim , he went to the end of the contraption , and opened the hollow tube with the funnel end and began to pour liter after liter of the fluid into the bowels of the machine , he then hooked up clear plastic lines to small nipples near the leather seat , and taped a tube to the top of her vunerable cunt , just near her pubic mound , and the other to the inside of her ass cheek , then standing up , he nodded at the others , who quickly gathered round the chair , and began to massage their thickening cocks …………………………………………. She was in a daze, floating in and out of consciousness, she didn’t register the sound of Wheels on concrete coming towards her,

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Sadamitsu tsubaki
What her name
Linn kurosawa
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