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#123611 - “Leah, I am special, I’m going to be the first one inside your pretty tight pussy” he smiled – a bit too enthusiastically. ” The nurse pulled Leah’s hands up above her head restraining them as the doctor gave her some shots “these are to get you prepared for carrying a baby Leah, one of these will make you highly fertile, the next step is for you to be bred!” He sharply pulled out the metal dilator. “No orgasm for me Leah?” Her breeder sneered “Orgasms make you much more likely to get pregnant… lets do something about that” and he wandered to the trolley and returned with a small object buzzing away in his hand, he put the vibrator directly to her clit, and whilst sucking and biting her nipples he tortured her with it until she begged.

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Sarutobi sasuke
Big goofy grin at how ridiculously sexy you are at that finish
Mari ooaya
Oh im so horny