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#38236 - Toni and I stayed I poured her a glass of wine and we laid and caressed each other ,then she said I wonder how many associates Joe has down stairs I said I did not know but if she wanted I could go down and see ? The question went unanswered and I left it alone then Toni started to get horny and sat on my face told me to lick out her whore pussy lick it good make me come she was grinding right into my nose rubbing back and forth while I was licking as fast as I could she was getting close her nipples were as hard as rocks and in one motion she was flooding me with her come I licked for all I was worth and still my face , neck and the pillow was covered with her pussy juice ,then out of nowhere she said go down and see how many guys are there . Toni woke me up a few hours later sitting on my cock she fucked me quietly after I came she went to Joe’s bed and woke him with her hot mouth on his cock as he woke she sat on his big headed cock and fucked him silly then we got dressed said our

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I like that sister
Sf-a2 miki
Omg two into one again good girl so jealous i wish i was the third