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#112618 - !!! I'm going to help you with your hair, she whispered back, you don't mind do you, after all, it's just we girls here, right!?! Uh, yeah, right, Ingrid stammered, not quite sure how to react to what may have been just a gesture of kindness!!! Mmmmmmm, you have really thick hair, Krista said softly while massaging the shampoo into Ingrid's scalp, it must be the Norseman in you, thick hair to keep out the cold!!! I don't know, Ingrid replied softly, I-I'm glad you like it! Mmmmmmm, she hummed as a stunned Ingrid froze in fear as Krista's hands roamed from her head around to her firm full breasts and down to her hairy vagina, and I like this too nice and bushy!!! W-what are you doing, Ingrid demanded while trying to turn around!?! Oh, just be still, silly, Krista said while holding her in place, you have wonderful body, why not enjoy it!?! But I'm not a, you know, Ingrid stammered!!! A lesbian, Krista asked?!? Yes, s

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