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#238578 - And pressing himself against my chest as he spoke and as I kept in motion, he placed his hands so adroitly, he wriggled his fingers with such high art that pleasure rose at last to grip me, and it is without a shadow of a doubt to him I owe my initiation. But upon this occasion Nature's will did not correspond with the Bishop's wishes, and several minutes after having retired to the closet, he emerged from it, furious, in the same state of erection and, addressing himself to Durcet, presiding officer for November: Put that odd little fellow down for some punishment on Saturday, he said, flinging the child ten feet away from him, and make it severe, if you please. The reader will notice how hampered we are in these beginnings, and how stumbling are our efforts to give a coherent account of these matters; we trust he will forgive us for leaving the curtain drawn over a considerable number of little details.

Read Putita [Batta] Fukakusaya - Cursed Fox: Chapter 1-5 [English] [KonKon] - Original Cunt Fukakusaya5

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