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#92976 - My mom and Amanda quickly went back to watching the concert and I moved a little closer to Diane She looked at me intently and I could tell she had been drinking a lot, “all the good young studs are taken, what’s a girl to do” she said in her sexy French accent, she moved closer to me and breathed in deeply, “you smell good, did you have fun with your little friend” she said grinning at me continuing our little game “You bet, but you know what for some reason I’m still hard as a rock” I said glancing into her eyes and then down to my hardening erection, her eyes grew wide in the dark as her gaze traveled down to the huge bulge at my crotch, She licked her lips and leaned in towards me, her hands brushing against my cock in the darkness, “well if you ever need me to take care of it, I’d love too” she whispered sending shivers down my spine. The day was warm and clear and we all sat in a semi circle on the green summer grass, enjoying the sights and sounds of a fantastic outdo

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