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#175099 - well as the nite wore on we both eventually were sittin on my couch watching a movie with her snuggled up in my arm's just because whenever we watched t. As soon as she had those word's out of her mouth i went diving between her legs and all i heard was a squeal of pleasure and then lot's of moaning and hip grinding from her and i severely licked and tongue lashed that nice tight virgin pussy of her's eventually i stopped and made my way up her body slowly licking her tiny clitg on the way i made my way up her belly up to her nice perky tit's and slowly licked each one and sucked on each nipple in my mouth while i had the other one in my hand i would slowly role each nipple in my mouth gently tug on it and suck on it like it was a lolli pop as all i heard was moan's and gasp's coming from her as i would look up occasionally and she was just sittin there with her eye's closed and breathing really hard.

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Sailor jupiter | makoto kino
I love your gorgeous ass i always want to slap through the screen