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#383838 - He was good, fucking with a lot of energy, my mouth once more busy sucking a new cock, I also saw another guy standing of watching, it didn’t take long, my butt filled with cum, as soon as his cock stopped twitching, he went down sucking his own cum from my ass, this he brought up for me to eat, once dry I told him to fist my ass and open me right up. My wife was staying with friends for a few days, house sitting, so being bored I got my ass cleaned out and headed for the men’s club in town, it opened at 12 and I was first in, I soon got undressed and walked off poppers in hand to the sling room. Then I saw big cock, he was standing with a couple of guys, as my ass was filled once more I got Jim to lay down and I sat over his face, pushing all the cum from my ass into his mouth, he loved that.

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