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#167658 - The contents of my balls slowed to a dribble inside my sister so easing my now sticky shaft from her wet dripping hole encouraged a slow stream of spunk to run from between her pussy lips and down her inner thighs. Vicky went to see who was at the door, l heard Syd’s voice and my sister telling him l was still out, she invited him into the flat, l hid in the bedroom to watch her kneel in front of him and release his cock then took him into her mouth, she sucked his shaft gently, Syd let out low sighs then gripped the back of Vicky’s head gave a thrust into her mouth and groaned loudly. We were all getting merry and one of Vicky’s friends husband flicked a cherry down my sister’s cleavage and without thinking l put a hand down her front to retrieve the cherry then popped it into her mouth and whispered when did she get her cherry popped, Vicky joked “it was a long time ago” and went to squeeze my leg but her hand went higher than intended and brushed against my cock.

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Chiyo shirayuki
Move her damn hands this is a real pet peave of mine they pretend to enjoy it while pushing him back and keeping her hands on his legs stopping him from going in pin her down head down ass up and hold her hands behind her back or cuff her
Kotone amamiya
My goodness you are amazing kisses