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#61262 - He then told me to shove another finger up his arse and as I did his body jerked and stiffened and he pushed my mouth all the way down on his cock making me gag just as he shot his sperm into my throat. With my body covered in sperm I buried my front into frank but he just laughed and told me not to worry, I looked at him quizzically and he replied that david also enjoyed the pleasure of young girls and that he had probably just fucked his daughter just now. As we reached franks door he put me down and told me that when he opened the door I was to be sure that I wanted to enter as once I did I would belong to the group and was never to say no to anyone ever again no matter what they told me to do, and I had to do this willingly.

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Azmaria hendric
Lol i ll wear it
Yu takasaki
Milfs are the best
Sora takanashi
I bet many pornstars would kill to have an ass that cute