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#156470 - The fleshy tentacles continued to curl around her body, new ones joining from the mass beneath her, she squirmed in pleasure as they curled around her tits, opening her mouth as one brushed across her lips, it immediately and enthusiastically entered her mouth, filling her taste with the same fruity scent, but this time the effect of the aphrodisiac was immediate. ——————————————— Aria fidgeted with anticipation, her close range sensors had located the primary hanger on the station, and she was aboard a small shuttle, gliding slowly through the void towards the shimmering portal that separated interior atmosphere from the cold vacuum of space. ——————————————— Aria glanced around the room, she was in a rare moment between having the eggs implanted and birthing.

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Wendy marvell
He fishhook fuckin this bitch imma add that to my moveset
Sekai saionji
She s so lucky i want to experience that too