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#32724 - “Getting in then?” she asked as Harry dropped his robe and she saw his wrinkled body, his chest was a little saggy and his belly was soft too, his skin wrinkled but that didn’t matter to Sharon just then, she looked past it all and just saw his cock there, it seemed big, he was half erect and Sharon was amazed he was that size, she looked at it for a while, Harry smiling as he looked at her under the covers, Sharon looked at the grey hair around cock and on his chest then up to his face, she pulled the covers back on the other side of the bed next to her and Harry saw her naked body, her firm breasts and clean pussy as he slipped under the cover’s next to her. “Oh fuck!” Sharon called out loudly as she felt her body go into yet another orgasm then that was it she couldn’t say anything, her mouth just dropped open as she felt her pussy tighten on the hard cock inside it and her body shook as she hit her high, Harry felt like his cock was going to be torn off but did his best to carr

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Awesome hentai you are fucking hot
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