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#71165 - Fucking and sucking Elizabeth Hey guys im posting a revamped version of FUCKING A PREGNANT ELIZABETH, hope u enjoy leave your thoughts in the comments below ******************************************************************************************************************** I was at home on a Saturday relaxing after a long week at work, I was finally slipping into a nice sleep when a piercing ring sounded in my ears, I was jerked out of my sleep by my bitch of a wife calling me, “Yes hello Janice what’s up” he said as he picked up the phone “Steve I forgot to take a box of baby stuff over to Elizabeth seeing as she just had a baby and we don’t need the stuff anymore, do you mind taking them over”, “sure thing” secretly fuming at the fact that I had to waste my day off doing stuff for her “ thank you Steve and maybe when you get home you can take your big dick and let me thank you”, feeling my dick rising my pants “ looking forward to it honey” my wife may be one of the world

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Maika sakuranomiya
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