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#60720 - From nowhere Alex came on my cock screaming in pleasure as I continued to thrust into her, this was too much for me and I bellowed Take my fucking cum you bitch before pushing my cock as deep as I could and unleashing a torrent of white hot spunk right into her womb, it felt like I couldn't stop cumming even as I slowed my thrusts down I pumped more spunk into Alex. I can't explain my actions on that day as I am happily married and had never thought about being unfaithful however that day was different and I carried Alex into a meeting room and laid her down on the table all the while planting more kisses on her. (Yes, Alex being short for Alexander) Alex broke the mould as IT went, she was absolutely stunning, baby blue eyes and a great smile about 5'5 strawberry blonde hair, curves in all the right places and she wore clothes that showed her figure off as well.

Read Nena [Chanpon Miyabi] Cho-Onesan Tengoku 6 -Tenrakuhen- Girl Fuck ChoTenrakuhen-

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