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#96268 - Wait until you try it, Kim still looked shy and shocked that we would do this, but Sue’s orgasm now coming quicker and quicker told her why we did, I bent her over, sliding my cock in her pussy, next to Sue, Kim soon shot out a huge orgasm, as Sue screamed though one of her’s. Keith had come in too, fucking Sue' butt for a while, and then seeing Kim’s ass empty, he quickly changed, fucking her fresh cum hole with joy. I kept rubbing her clit, keeping her high, as Lucas slowed, but he kept jerking more and more cum into her, I now saw it start to leak out, licking her clit and eating what I could she shot out a few more orgasm’s, then after 5 minutes or so, his knot plopped out, cum dropped onto my face, half drowning me, I took a mouth full and went over to Kim, kissing her and sharing Lucas cum with her, then I went back, taking another mouth full, as Kim came down slowly, I kissed her, sharing his cum, she returned the kiss, licking my mouth and lips.

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