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#234664 - It was a Saturday morning when my cousin called to say that there is no body in the house and it is a perfect time for us. I was looking and admiring at his nice ass and 5inch dick, My cock started to be harder I approached him and started to soap him all over his body, with my hands, after that I saw his cock was growing bigger, with any hesitation, I sat down on my knees and started to lick it from its head with my tongue moving around it then socking it in my mouth, pulling it and squeezing it, with my lips, I gently put my hand on his ass rubbing it slowly with his dick in my mouth. I started to fuck him gently moving back & forth grabbing his ass cheeks with my both hands, He was moaning a little, but it was nice for him, I asked him , Dani are ok ? He answered with no hesitation, Ben fuck me more more please, I did what I was ordered to do with pleasure, then I could not stand it any more I ejaculated in his ass filling him with my Sperms, He then gave a shou

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