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#139198 - Michael Rinker rose to his feet and with a tapping of the rim of his wine glass got the attention of all ten couples who had attended the black tie dinner party that he and his wife, Reanne had hosted!!! My lovely wife and I would like to thank every one for coming this evening, it has truly been a wonderful party, however the night is still young and we have an unexpected surprise for you!!! Of course most of you know our live in servant, Priscilla, who has been with us for three years now, he continued, and as you may also know, she has given Reanne and myself many exceptional sexual experiences during those three years, and while some of you have personally tasted her exceptional fruit, it is with great joy and expectations that she is going to grace us with her lovely body tonight!!! As Michael went on speaking, an audible buzz swept through the dining room as both males and females alike quickly realized that the beautiful young woman who had served the Rinkers so faithfully

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