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#178878 - About a month later I came home to find that they had had a delivery of paving slabs and sand delivered that had been dumped on the pavement, William was at work and Rachel was trying to move the slabs by herself “here is my chance” I thought, so I trotted across and offered my assistance, in no time at all I had them and the sand safely stored at the side of their house though I was now dirty and sweaty she thanked me with a hug and one of William’s cans of beer, “He is supposed to be doing the patio this weekend” she said but added “fat chance” but then said no more about him but began to inquire into my relationships which I found more than interesting, it began to cloud over and the rain was coming so we said our goodbyes and left it at that. “Oh shit that is soooooo fucking good………. “He is all hot and bothered, sweating a lot……………oooooh yes” I gave her another couple of inches “he must be wondering about me…………Oh Yes………… FASTER” I slipped my full length home and began to f

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