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#245517 - Ava shrieked and kicked her leg, but with a sudden forceful tug she was being dragged along the ground on her stomach, her shirt was rolling itself up over her head in the struggle and in a desperate attempt to keep her mobility she squirmed out of it and tried to reach down and claw at whatever had her. The TV in the corner droned on, some kind of late night infomercial begging her to call in right now and buy a new charcoal grill, and the sound of the filter in her fishtank burbling just loud enough to be annoying. A deep moan wracked her and she wanted so badly to send her hand between her legs to her hard, begging clit.

Read Perrito [Minority] Negative Kanako-sensei Ch. 1-6 [English] {} Flashing Negative Kanako6

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Damn she has a beautiful ass
Was wondering of she was actually older than 18 then she took off the pants lmao
Haruto aoi
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