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#291423 - She seld ok went over to the bed finger her self rub her wet finger over her moms lips when done she walk out shut the door thay went down stairs thay laugh rachel seld to mike that was hot. He cudnt find it he gave up went to his sister room knock on the door she seld cum in he walk to bed sat down he seld to his sis when wil mom be back she seld in the morning he seld ok.

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I remember that first night with my mom she came home and i had to help her get ready for bed she had to much to drink out on her date got her clothes off she was sitting on the edge of the bed in her panties and hiding her boobs i got her gown and from behind her i asked her to lift her arms and slipped the gown over her head as she stood to let it fall over her hips i snatched her panties down and pulled her back on the bed she was kissing me back sooooo