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#58332 - i layed there exhausted and out of breath feeling nothing but joy as adam continued to pound my ass shortly after adam buried his cock deep inside of me and unleashed his 2nd load i felt every pulse of his dick in me. seconds later adam opened the door and greeted me before me he stood clad only in a pair of boxer briefs. not what i expected but i figured the closness could lead to some more fun he turned on the water and got it nice and steamy we hoped in let the water flow over us we embraced and began to kiss adam felt his way down and started playing with my ass while i worked my hands between us to grab his thick meat again i began to stroke it slow at first letting it harden in my hands and then i stroked him as fast as i could feeling every inch of his large cock adam then grabbed a bottle of body wash and we began to clean each other rubbing each others bodies then letting the suds wash away.

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Very beautiful face
Yumi fukuzawa
Handjob day2
Taishirou toyomitsu
How do you feel doing this and knowing that so many people are watching you and how do you feel about showing yourself on the internet