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#368341 - I hightail it out barely caring to even take a moment to lock my doors or grab anything except my keys, wallet, and cell phone(this would prove a problem later in the story)Damn cell phones! I was like a young man out to have his first date, as I beelined into the liqour store getting her favourite liquor and mix to go along with it. I reached over and took Rambo by the collar and got him back behind her now as at last a full view of that beautiful pussy of hers up close and personal was now my beholding and those swollen lips of her were pouty and sweaty looking with just a whisp of golden blonde pubic hair over them and her clit hung from them and was swollen out in full attention and desire!! Damn it about drove me to say fuck it i'm having this first!! And it was all I could do to not just dive down there and eat the hell out that thing and show her how a real man can eat pussy!! What a damn shame to have that golden moment and not do it !! But I just g

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