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#251808 - Gaynor now went and laid down on Mike, she rubbed on his hard cock with her stomach and began to kiss him, her tongue exploring this youth and he opened his legs and felt her pussy rub all along his cock licking her by this time, the kissing had just deteriorated into animalistic licking of tongues and then the cheek. Mike had never had a blowjob like this and felt it being bathed in her salvia and taste. “Gaynor” he gasped “Yes Mike” “This is, this is amazing” as she continued to stroke up and down, “It is, I am glad you like my technique, but, you might need some more lubricant” she then did one of the most eroticist things he had ever seen in all his life, Gaynor went over his cock and looked at him, gazing into his eyes “Lube from me” she then spat onto the top of his cock and he watched as her spit dribbled down either side of his member, and Gaynor then stroked in her spit all the while looking into his eyes “You like this lube” he nodded unable to say anything as his c

Read Lima [Kimura Neito] Non-Human Life Ch.1-4 [English] {} Best Blow Job Non4

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