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#151671 - I've Learned what the Best Woman pleasing Sexual Position is and I should be able to do it being Handicapped and all and I've done a lot of studying on Cunnilingus (Pussy Licking, for you that don't know what that is) so I Read how to make it feel 1,000,000 % Better, know exactly where the G-Spot is and Read that you don't have to like anal sex but a finger up the Butt durring Cunnilingus will make it feel twice as Good. My Camping Spot was on the top of a hill so I had to Jog down it, get one and climb back up the hill but it was well worth it because she was very tight because she only had 1 Dick in her before me. Back before me and my Wife were Married, we both worked at Wendy's and I got the Balls to ask her out and she said that she wanted me to take her fishing and the first time that we had sex was at my camping spot in a sleeping bag so she's the perfect Woman for me ! Now on with my Story- Back when we were teens one of my favorite spots to fish was where you could wade cle

Read Swallowing COMIC Unreal 2015-12 Vol. 58 Romance COMIC Unreal 2015-12 Vol. 58

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Wtf is pewdiepie
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Mmm that was hot anyone want to see me doing that