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#321486 - No. He is a Caucasian shepherd dog, Peta replied, as she stood i saw her give me a casual all over look, then her eyes twinkled with a smile as she asked where i was going. on all fours i scrambled forward, then his massive paws wrapped around my waist and pulled my limp body back into his hind legs, his face was right next to mine, his long wet tongue licked softly down the side of my face, then over the back of my neck, fear and adrenaline coursed through my body, My mind was screaming to fight and run, my body refused to function, I felt the warm wet sensation as he entered me, pulling me back firmly but gentle , i gasped at the invasion of my pussy, he relaxed and pulled firmer, humping me ever so gently, wriggling to align his now hard massive cock to penentrate me further, then all was lost for any hope i had, he started to hump me harder, and i felt him slide all the way inside me.

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