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#133140 - Her response knocked me on my ass and I laughed softly, I've been on my own a while now and it gets lonely moving between settlements like I do, it'd be nice to have somebody to talk to, I tipped my mask back and gave my best charming smile, and besides pretty girls make the best company. She swirled her tongue stud over the head of my cock before wrapping her hot wet mouth around it and started bobbing up and down, slowly taking my throbbing cock deeper into the heavenly cavern of her mouth, her nimble tongue and that icy stud stroking around the ridge of my cock head, and along the sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft on the bottom of my cock making me moan and tighten my hands in her hair as I started to guide her up and down my shaft at a faster pace. She gasped as my finger slipped into her tight, hot, dripping, pussy and I looked up at her in surprise as she blushed and looked away, You mean your a virgin?! Yes Master her blush deepened I�

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