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#182186 - She slid to the floor pulled of my trousers and boxers, pushed my legs open and took my cock in her wet mouth she started sucking on it like she hadn't had a cock for months, I glanced over at Peter he had taken his hard cock out and was stroking it with long slow strokes, it looked thicker than mine but not as long, maybe only 6 inch, Helen was stroking, licking and sucking at my cock like a wild woman, after a few minutes I could feel my balls tingle and tighten I groaned “I’m about to cum” she removed my swelling cock from her warm wet mouth and said “Cum in my mouth baby”, then she clamped her mouth back around my ridged swelling cock, she sucked hard while stroking my swollen balls , I couldn’t hold back any longer, then with a moan and a shudder I shot a massive load of hot cum into her eager warm mouth, she kept sucking until she had every last drop from me, then she let my deflating well sucked cock slip from her mouth. I panicked a little like a kid caught with his hand

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