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#324008 - i looked and him and soon seen he was rich too harvey said to me like what you see i said piss of harvey harvey raised his voice load enough for the hole class to hear and no you piss off you fucking jerk i stood up and so did harvey and i said why am i a fucking jerk because i wont let you shower with me this morning my teacher miss timmers said thats enough i said yeah you right it is enough the new guy spoke and said gay drama i walked over to him and said wanna repeat that my principle and mis timmers stood infront of me and he mouth gay drama so i swang for him harvey ran behind me and said ooo calm down babe grabbing hold of my arms the principle shouted all 3 of you my office now!! we walk to the office and sat out side the principle came down and said get in there now we all walked in knowing we was in trouble leonardo what the hell was you thinking attacking the new student for a simple comment that you found affensive well sir who does he think he is

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