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#395528 - After a few seconds of saying that his cock begane to twitch he looked down as he sees his cock growing  from 6' to 11 inches James that know had his mouth dropped open from the thing that just happened right infront of his own eyes no it can't be he was thinking as he looked at his new 11 inch long and 2 inch thick cock so it's true this rings can do every command and demand I give it he said slowly as he heard someone knocking on his room door hey nerd what are you doing ? His sister said as James tried to cover up himself as the door opened he manged to get under his blanket just in time what do you want clitface? he asked her . James was tired but happy he pulled out off his sister and lay next to her as she was breathing hard from the fucking she just received James was already thinking about his next conquest Who will James conquer next ? His mom ? His teacher ? His whole class? His crush Lisa let me know in the comments !. Meanwhile at the museum the vase wa

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