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#25314 - He took me and told me the exact same thing Katelyn did I nodded in agreement he took me and sat me on his lap and gently started pushing his 7 and half inch cock in to me and then I felt this horrible pain and squealed in pain and her took me and asked me if he could keep going if shook my head yes he called over Katelyn and had her start pinching my nipples after a few moments the pain stopped and it felt so good finally he got his whole cock up in my and started pumping me up and down in his lap and you could hear the sound of his ball sack clapping as it me. The next thing I new I was moaning in pure ecstasy and bam my orgasm had hit me like a ton of bricks after my orgasm hit he took off the condom and started pumping his cock in my mouth and for the second time tonight I had swallowed his cum Mr. The next morning we didn’t get up till noon or so.

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What a set of tits
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Glad i stumbled across your hentai sexy af