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#72884 - With that Dottie walked over spread her thick thighs and covered Dee’s face. Thats it baby,almost here, almost,finally Dottie,left out a gutteral grunt, and her juices sprayed all over Dee’s face and hair! O yea baby, you are a good little pussy eater !! Now, lets see how good you are at rimming assholes ! With that she turned around and pushed her brown hairy asshole onto Dee’s face. Oh, oh baby! The scent of cum brought Brutus back to life, and he immediately mounted Dee again,but as he tried to mount her cunt his cock found her asshole !AAGGHHH !Dee tried to thrash,to pull away, but Brutus’s cock was already pushing past her sphincter,and the rest of his cock was coming hard! Please, please stop him, I cant take the knot in my ass, I’ll do anything you want…… Brutus,home,said Dottie,Brutus backed out Dee, her asshole stretched ,hanging open.

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I love her she look a little bit like gal gadot niceee
Yuria misaki
Whistle baby whistle baby
Ririka nishizono
Fico feliz que tenhas gostado delicia s2